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“The French are very ungrateful”: the confidences of Emmanuel Macron’s father.

As the second round of the French presidential election nears, Emmanuel Macron’s father has given an interview in which he speaks about his son’s courage and character. Jean-Michel Macron is a neurologist by profession, and he says that he has a somewhat “distant” relationship with his son, but that he admires him greatly.

The French are very ungrateful

Jean-Michel Macron

Jean-Michel Macron describes his son as having the courage to stand up to everything that has been thrown at him, from the Covid pandemic to international crises like the one in Ukraine. He also notes that Emmanuel Macron has been able to win over many people who were initially skeptical of him, including those within his own party.

Looking ahead to the second round of the election, Jean-Michel Macron says he is not afraid of Marine Le Pen winning but admits that it is a risk. He urges everyone to get out and vote in order to ensure that his son remains president for another five years.

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