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Astrance in Paris, a jewel 3 stars Michelin Restaurant

The restaurant L’Astrance is a unique and intimate culinary experience that offers an inventive take on traditional French cuisine. The restaurant is the result of a collaboration between Pascal Barbot, a renowned chef who draws inspiration from cuisines from all over the world to create his own unique style of French cooking, and Christophe Rohat, an experienced restaurateur who possesses an uncanny instinct for understanding and satisfying his guests’ desires.

The food at L’Astrance is truly sublime. The menu focuses on presenting fresh, seasonal ingredients in their most natural state, and the dishes reflect a deep understanding and respect for the inherent flavors of each ingredient. For example, the restaurant’s signature dish is a succulent slow-cooked lamb shoulder that is served with creamy mashed potatoes and delicious mint jus. Another standout dish is the pan-seared Foie Gras served with figs, balsamic vinegar, and hazelnut brittle – this dish perfectly showcases the richness and flavor of foie gras whilst also incorporating complementary flavors that enhance its complex taste profile.

What really sets L’Astrance apart as a culinary experience however is not simply the quality of the food, but also the attention to detail paid to every aspect of service provided by the staff. From discreetly attentive waitstaff who are always on hand to provide recommendations or answer any questions about the dishes, to Rohat’s passion for creating an inviting and hospitable atmosphere that makes guests feel welcome and at ease, every element has been carefully considered to ensure that diners have a memorable meal. Overall, I would highly recommend L’Astrance is a must-visit destination for any food lover looking for an exquisite culinary experience that showcases French cuisine at its best. The inventive dishes are expertly crafted using only fresh, seasonal ingredients, while Rohat’s passion for hospitality ensures that guests will feel welcomed and relaxed throughout their meal.

I’m not sure why some people had negative experiences at L’Astrance, because my experience was absolutely amazing. From the moment we arrived until the moment we left, the staff went out of their way to make sure our experience was perfect. We were a party of four and they had six people serving us – it felt like they had four people serving us and two people refilling water and bread constantly.

Not only were all the dishes delicious (my favorite was the duck), but also perfectly balanced in flavor. The service was impeccable – they were so attentive and detail-oriented, and really seemed to care about our experience. They were also funny and lighthearted, which made the meal even more enjoyable. I would highly recommend Astrance to anyone looking for an exquisite dining experience – it truly exceeded my expectations in every way possible!


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